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Standoff is a 30-60 minute fixed-deck dueling card game.


Each player will command 8 unique super-powered characters, pitting them against other players' characters one at a time.

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The Master Gatherer, a mysterious yet powerful being, scours the universe for the most worthy of champions, those who would be fit to gain even greater power. He has established the highest-stakes arena this universe has ever seen: “The Standoff”. However, he needs one overseer to choose and command each team of worthy champions. The Master Gatherer invites you to become one of these overseers.


Will you accept his invitation and enter The Standoff?​Attack your enemies or ready your defenses. Gain new allies or stab old ones in the back. The choice is yours! More overseers entering the arena mean more challenges that you must face. Make the right choice at the right time and victory will be yours.

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Recent Standoff News

What’s the Buzz

Screentop - Protospiel.png

Standoff is playtesting at MAGFEST

January 19th, 2024

Standoff is digital and ready for virtual playtesting!
Protospiel Online!

January 12-14th, 2024

Standoff final product prototype is here!

January 6th, 2024

Meet Standoff Champions.

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